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River Ganges

Copyright©2005, Séverine Dabadie-Christiane Etchezaharreta

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A day in Banaras, a day out of this world



Banaras a city with many mysteries, exquisitely depicted in colour. A selection of one hundred and eight photographs portraying a day in Kashi, a day out of this world. Kashi, Banaras, Varanasi, one of the most ancient of living cities. One can still trace its ancient background through the face it presents today. It is a city that unfolds its deepest secrets to only a few. A few who through dedication and love come time and time again to document the most inner and hidden secrets of this ancient city.


  A book of photographs by Séverine Dabadie   



Text by Christiane Etchezaharreta and Séverine Dabadie



Well travelled and well versed in the ways of the world Séverine Dabadie and her long time friend Christiane Etchezaharreta finally discovered a new reality in Varanasi or Kashi as they so lovingly dub it. Inspired by the antiquity they decided to produce a book that would make Varanasi available to all. Coming from Basque Country both have travelled widely together Séverine with her ever-ready camera and Christiane with her flowing pen. This is their first attempt at a full-scale book but they assure us that there may be more to come. Séverine Dabadie though has over the past ten years displayed her photographs in many exhibitions.



Translated from French by David Azpiazu Torres